Event Southeast Asia Nations of Economic Success by Globalization

Event Southeast Asia - The glittering twin towers in Malaysia, the world's tallest building tells many success stories about Malaysia and how it has been transformed into one of the richest countries in Asia. The beauty of the tranquil ceiling tower against the backdrop of stars shines on a dark and dark night in the distance, pushing my mind back to good old Malaysia where, Mahathir Mohamad criticized western capitalism, how ingeniously he adopted an open economic strategy that made Malaysia trade to the world and entrepreneurs becoming international players.

In this article we will provide information on enjoyed event Southeast Asia. Open Economy Strategy Mahathir with a clear vision and a mission sparked my memory back to my efforts "Economic Post-Conflict Economic Development Initiative" as an awareness program for turning into a Sri Lanka-ravaged economy into one of the best in South Asia. 

Dr. Mahathir is well reflected in his macroeconomic strategy by applying an open economic policy with the realization that the globalization and liberalization trend of the world cannot be changed. We live in the era of Globalization & Liberalization, the deeply embedded neo-classical economic thinking and its application everywhere in the world.

This remarkable G & L wave is amplified and accelerated by the extensive deployment of Boeing and Airbus jets, Information Technology and better and efficient delivery facilities that make the whole world much smaller and not far from before. His realization to embrace globalization and liberalization may have been inherited to him through the strategy of former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew who, in his long tenure, transformed Singapore from a drowsy colonial outpost to a prosperous economic enclave and applied better openness. Economic policies to take advantage of Globalization and Liberalization assistance in Singapore, that's the article about event Southeast Asia.


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