It's Been A While

Hello, guys?! It's been a while since a wrote last time on this blog. Unfortunedly, i just have time to write again. Last month was not really busy month actually, but i cant afford some time to write. And maybe now i will start to write again. And i'll start to practice my English writing skill on my blog. So, if you find (or read?) some wrong sentences or words or grammar please dont hesitate to correct it for me.

Maybe i cant write English every time. I only write in English when i have much time to do it. Because its not easy for me to do this at the first time. I need to think first before i write and then edit some words before publish it. I write in English not to brag, but i think i nedd to improve my English since i graduate from collage. And maybe write English on my blog is good solution for me.

Udah dulu, ya. Segitu dulu, cape nulis bahasa Inggris lama-lama hehehehe.