Popilush Top 5 Activewear To Look Great

The Athleisure trend has completely transformed the way modern women dress. In addition to functionality, sportswear needs to provide maximum comfort to become favorite pieces that make women's daily lives easier.

They are not restricted only to sporting environments. It's interesting to enjoy the benefits of an activewear romper not only in the gym. Adapting these pieces for a casual or urban look calls for clothes with a modern design that can take on a new version at a night party if combined with a blazer or bomber jacket. 

So, check out some tips that can make you even more beautiful.

1. Light-toned jumpsuit is elegant

You can bet on more vibrant colors to deliver a more vibrant energy, especially in summer. But, in addition, a seamless jumpsuit in Ivory allows you to create a symmetrical look for a perfect Old Money style. 

Through medium compression it lifts the butt and adjusts the waist to easily create a more feminine shape. The square collar provides greater support, welcoming the bust area, especially during activities such as walking and running.

2. Thin straps for a better fit

The thin straps are perfect for warmer days and the adjustment feature provides the necessary chest support for greater comfort. Furthermore, a jumpsuit in this version enhances the neck and collarbone region even more. 

It has a double layer in this region for greater support of the bust and pads that can be removed. Lightweight compression keeps you comfortable for low-impact activities.

3. Workout jumpsuit with flexibility

You can perform better on the sports court if you wear training clothes that enhance your beauty and provide flexibility of movement. A jumpsuit made from stretchy, breathable fabric is a great option. Control your waist through the shapewear mesh and have shorts underneath so you have complete freedom of movement. 

The cutout design at the waist helps elongate your shape for a slimmer appearance. It has cotton lining in the area between the legs for greater comfort. Plus, it's resistant to pet hair.

4. Waist Control Leggings

For a relaxed Californian style, you can choose leggings with four-way stretch to perform any type of physical activity. They are not transparent, they do not slip or ride up and this can provide you with more security when moving, so it works for both women who cycle and those who do Pilates. 

Helps with waist control through the shapewear mesh incorporated in the abdomen region, which gives you a slimmer appearance. It can be easily worn at a party with high heels, as it brings beauty and versatility to your shape. You don't need to worry about possible constraints, as this piece is free of T-line in the triangle area.

5. Long pants and long sleeve jumpsuit

It increases the fit of your body in a simple way through the tighter fabric in the waist area, which brings unique elegance to the female figure. The long pants and long sleeve design is perfect for colder days, but can be worn on any occasion as it has breathable fabric.

You get even more flexibility with this version of shapewear jumpsuit, as it has a thumb hole in the cuff area, thus avoiding bruises on the wrist. You can exercise safely and freely with the security you always wanted.


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